Study of Civic Disposition Based on The Way of Life of Kuta Traditional Society in Keeping The Balance of Nature




Indonesian citizens who are multicultural have various local wisdoms. Local wisdom becomes a strength to build the character of nation and civilization. One of local wisdom which is kept until now is the way of life of Kuta traditional society in keeping the balance of nature. This study aims to reveal the way of life of Kuta traditional society in keeping the balance of nature so that they can live with nature. It uses qualitative approach which type is case study. The methods of data collection used are literature review, interviews, observation, and documentation. The result of this study indicates: (1) the Kuta traditional society orients to a proverb which says, "plant trees in mountain, plant bamboos in slope of mountain, make valley as pond, and make flat ground as house", in order to avoid the forest damage, water well damage, and human misery; (2) the way of life is implemented in building a house, cultivating, and keeping the forest well; (3) the way of live is inherited by oral tradition and good figure of Kuta villagers.
机译:印度尼西亚公民谁是多元文化有不同的地方智慧。本地智慧成为建设国家和文明的性格力量。一个地方的智慧现在一直保持到库塔是传统社会的生活中保持生态平衡的方式。本研究旨在揭示在保持生态平衡,使他们能够与自然生活库塔传统社会的生活方式。它采用定性的方法哪种类型的案例研究。用于数据收集的方法是文献综述,访谈,观察和文档。这项研究的结果表明:(1)库塔传统社会取向的一句谚语说,“在山上种树,植物竹子山的斜坡,化妆谷为池,使地面平坦如家”,以避免了对森林的破坏,水井的伤害,人类的苦难; (2)生活的方式建造房屋,种植,并保持良好的森林实施; (3)生活的方式是通过口头传统和库塔村民的好身材继承。



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