2016 Annual Statistical Analysis Report of Research Paper of Sichuan Technology and Business University




The analysis statistic of CNKI Periodicals and papers is a valuable reference to assess the science research. Statistics after 2016 shows that the amount of papers delivered by Sichuan Technology and Business University tends to increase and Sichuan Technology and Business University ranks in the forefront compared with the similar institutions. Research hotspots mainly focus on areas like non-government funded education, teaching, education reform and social sciences account for a large part of the hotpots. However, the quality of the periodicals is not very good on the whole. On one hand, the number of core thesis and core authors is not considerable. On the other hand, there are a few people who cite these of Sichuan Technology and Business University. In a word, all that I have mentioned shows that the science research papers are still in a stage that only care about the amount of papers.
机译:CNKI期刊和论文的分析统计数据是评估科学研究的有价值的参考。 2016年后统计数据显示,四川技术和商业大学提供的文件数量往往会增加和四川技术和商务大学与类似机构相比的前列。研究热点主要关注非政府资助教育,教学,教育改革和社会科学等地区的占大部分热点。然而,整个期刊的质量并不是很好。一方面,核心论文和核心作者的数量不相当大。另一方面,有一些人引用了四川技术和商学院。总之,我所提到的一切都表明,科学研究论文仍处于仅关心论文数量的阶段。



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