Introduction to the Enlightenment from Traditional Academies in Nanning Area to Local Characteristics Design of Modern Campus - Take Xinhui traditional academy in Nanning as an example

机译:南宁地区传统学院对现代校园本地特色设计的启示介绍 - 以南宁沿着新辉传统学院为例



In this paper, taking Xinhui traditional academy in Nanning as an example, the characteristics of site location, space layout, architectural style, education through landscape of traditional academies are researched and summarized, to seek their enlightenments to local characteristics design of modern campus. In order to extend the essence of Chinese traditional culture and form the traditional geographical characteristics of the environment in campus. Xinhui traditional academy is located in No. 42, Jiefang road, Nanning city. According to the literature, it was built by the Guangdong Xinhui nationals who lived in Nanning in the early years of the Qianlong, and reconstructed in the twenty-third year of Daoguang. There were three halls, two colonnades and one pavilion in the academy. The pavilion located in the right side of the back hall and now it has been destroyed. A primary school called Gangzhou started here in 1949, then changed to Jiefang Road primary school. The traditional academy is a very important form of education organization in ancient China where scholars gave lectures and spread their academic thoughts. It may not be a complete university's organizational system, but as Chinese earliest education, study and research institutions, its history is not shorter than those hundreds - year - old universities in Europe. It has cultivated the earliest intellectuals, and inherited the essence of traditional architectural culture in China. As the best preserved academy building in the current Nanning area, Xinhui traditional academy reflects the spiritual realm and fun of ancient Chinese scholars through its site selection, spatial layout, architectural style, education through landscape, etc. It has significant useful enlightenment to local characteristics design of Modern Campus.



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