Social Media as an Aceh Tourism Promotions Tool by Department of Aceh Culture and Tourism




Today's social media has become an excellent promotional tool for products and services, and, can be used to share stories or experiences about things or places they have visited, also the high level of social media access is one of the reasons why-social media has great potential in advertising or promotional activities, especially in his case is tourism promotion. The aim of this study was to determine the form of tourism promotion through social media that has been applied by employees of the Department of Aceh Culture and Tourism. It uses a descriptive qualitative approach with data collection techniques using interview and literature studies. Triangulation was carried out by interviewing five employees of Department of Aceh Culture and Tourism, and observations on social media own by Aceh Cultural and Tourism Agency. The results show that the form of promotional activities through social media carried out by the Aceh Culture and Tourism Agency uses eight preparatory steps for publication on social media so that promotions produced has high quality, informative and up to date, The suggestions given is for employees and also the Publication Team of Department of Aceh Culture and Tourism is to use more sophisticated analytic system to monitor the progress of social media and utilizing paid applications so they can measure and monitor all activities that happened on their social media.
机译:今天的社交媒体已成为产品和服务的优秀促销工具,可用于分享他们所访问的事物或地点的故事或经验,也是社交媒体的高水平是 - 社交媒体所拥有的原因之一广告或促销活动的巨大潜力,特别是在他的案件中是旅游促销。本研究的目的是通过亚齐文化与旅游业部的员工应用的社交媒体来确定旅游促进形式。它使用采访和文学研究使用具有数据收集技术的描述性定性方法。三角测量是通过面试亚齐文化与旅游业部的五名雇员进行,以及亚齐文化和旅游局拥有的社会媒体的观察。结果表明,通过亚齐文化和旅游局开展的社交媒体的促销活动形式利用八个筹备步骤在社交媒体上出版,以便产生高质量,信息丰富,最新的促销活动是员工的建议此外,亚齐文化与旅游业部的出版团队是使用更复杂的分析系统来监测社交媒体的进展,并利用付费申请,以便他们可以衡量和监控社交媒体上发生的所有活动。



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