Transport of POM in Japanese River Systems after Heavy Rain Events by Typhoon in 2011-2013




Variations in organic carbon and total nitrogen concentrations, and relationship between C/N ratio and isotope composition (δ~(13) C and ?δ~(15) N) were studied in riverine suspended solids from the Abukuma River system in Japan. The samplings were carried out at the upper, middle and lower reaches before and after rain event by typhoons in 2011-2013. There is a negative correlation between C/N ratio and ?δ~(13) C, and C/N ratio and ?δ~(15) N after the Typhoon Roke in 2012. On the other hand, in normal flow condition, there is no correlation between C/N ratio and ?δ~(13) C of suspended solids. These results indicate that the transport of particulate organic matter (POM) in these river basins is controlled by their watershed conditions and supply of POM in rain event.
机译:在日本Abukuma河流系统的河流悬浮固体中研究了来自日本阿布努瓦系统的河流悬浮固体中,在来自日本阿布努瓦河系统的河流悬浮固体中研究了有机碳和总氮浓度的变化和C / N比和同位素组合物(δ〜(13)C和Δ〜(15)n)。 2011 - 2013年下雨事件前后,在下雨事件之前和下游进行了采样。在2012年,C / N比和Δ〜(13)C和C / N比和C / N比和Δ〜(15)n之间存在负相关。另一方面,在正常流动状态下,在那里在悬浮固体的C / N比与Δ〜(13)C之间没有相关性。这些结果表明,这些河流盆地中的颗粒有机物质(POM)的运输由其流域条件和雨量活动供应。



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