Bombardier Global 7500 Fatigue Test Cycle Rate Commissioning to 1/4 Life

机译:Bombardier Global 7500疲劳测试周期率调试到1/4寿命



This paper describes the commissioning campaign on the Bombardier Global 7500 durability and damage tolerance test (DADTT), as conducted by the experimental department of Bombardier Aerospace (BAEX). A rapid test rig commissioning time and smooth increase of cycle rate was a key objective in order to meet the 1/4 life milestone for certification. Due to schedule changes, the time available for commissioning the loading apparatus and achieving the initial target 1/4 life milestone was reduced from the original plan, with approximately three months' time allocated to this goal. In anticipation of this aggressive testing milestone, the BAEX test team employed several new approaches and techniques to the DADTT that had not been applied on previous BAEX fatigue tests. A technical liaison from the National Research Council Canada was also on-site prior to and during commissioning activities. This paper opens with a summary of the objectives of the G7500 DADTT test conducted at BAEX, and focuses in particular on the techniques and approaches used by the BAEX team to achieve a rapid, efficient and productive test commissioning phase, such that the target cycling rate was achieved in a faster timeframe than anticipated. These techniques included: judicious data-informed hydraulic and pneumatic hardware selections; informed design choices to minimize mass and actuator count; hydraulic and load controller training and procedure generation on a dedicated independent test platform; extensive hardware-in-the-loop tuning to maximize performance; and using the global finite element model (GFEM) of the test article, coupled with a simple pneumatic model, to better estimate initial test load transition times. As a result of the techniques employed, the 1/4 life milestone was successfully achieved, contributing to the final certification package for the world's largest purpose built business aircraft, which received Type Certification from Transport Canada on September 28, 2018.
机译:本文介绍了庞巴迪全球7500耐久性和损坏耐受性和损坏耐受性测试(DADTT)的调试活动,如庞巴迪航空航天(BAEX)的实验部门所进行的。快速测试钻机调试时间和循环率的顺畅增加是一个关键目标,以满足认证的1/4人寿里程碑。由于时间表变化,从原始计划中减少了调试装载设备和实现初始目标的时间1/4寿命的时间,大约三个月的时间分配给这一目标。在预期这种激进的测试里程碑中,BAEX测试团队就尚未应用于以前的BAEX疲劳试验的达特特的几种新方法和技术。来自国家研究委员会加拿大的技术联络,在委托活动之前也在现场。本文随着在BAEX进行的G7500 DADTT测试的目标摘要,特别是对BAEX团队使用的技术和方法,以实现快速,高效,高效的测试调试阶段,使目标循环率在更快的时间范围内实现比预期的更快。这些技术包括:明智的数据通知的液压和气动硬件选择;知情设计选择,以最大限度地减少质量和执行器数量;专用独立测试平台上的液压和负载控制器培训和程序生成;广泛的硬件循环调谐,以最大限度地提高性能;并使用试验文章的全球有限元模型(GFEM),与简单的气动模型相结合,以更好地估计初始测试负载转换时间。由于采用的技术,成功实现了1/4寿命的里程碑,为世界上最大的宗旨建造业务飞机的最终认证包提供了贡献,该公司于2018年9月28日从运输加拿大获得型式认证。



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