Applications of absolute extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometer (EFPI) fiber optic sensing system for measurement of strain in pre-tensioned tendons for prestrained concrete




Abstract: The application of a state-of-the-art fiber opticsensing system for the quantitative analysis of strainin strands used in prestressed concrete is proposed.Compressive stress in concrete is used tocounterbalance any tensile force due to loading, whichmight lead to cracking or deflection. In pre-tensioningprestressed concrete, a tendon is tensioned beforeconcrete is placed and the prestress is transferred tothe concrete after it has cured by releasing thetension on the tendon. In linear prestressing it isoften required to determine the axial strain on thetendon during the initial procedure of pre-tensioning,so that the required longitudinal force to achievemaximum concrete strength, can be accuratelydetermined. Conventional techniques for this purposeinvolve the use of conventional foil strain gages,which are not only expensive to use, but are also knownfor their failure rate in high strain environments. Wediscuss the absolute extrinsic Fabry-Perotinterferometer (AEFPI) fiber optic sensing system formonitoring strain in pretensioned tendons while thistendon is being loaded. The experiments performed atthe Turner Fairbanks Federal Highway Administration atMcLean, Virginia exhibit the survivability of the EFPIsensor at strain in excess of 12,000 $mu$epsilon whilebeing attached to the tendon surface. The results arecompared to those obtained from a collocated foilstrain gage and excellent correlation is obtained.Applications of the AEFPI system to high performancesmart materials and structures are analyzed and futurework in this area is discussed. !9
机译:摘要:提出了一种先进的光纤传感系统在定量分析预应力混凝土中所使用的应力束中的应用。混凝土中的压应力用于平衡由于载荷引起的任何拉力,这可能会导致裂缝或挠曲。在预张紧的预应力混凝土中,在放置混凝土之前先张紧钢筋束,并通过释放钢筋束上的张力使其固化后将预应力转移到混凝土上。在线性预应力中,通常需要在预拉伸的初始过程中确定肌腱上的轴向应变,以便可以准确确定达到最大混凝土强度所需的纵向力。为此目的,常规技术涉及使用常规箔片应变计,这些应变计不仅使用昂贵,而且还因其在高应变环境下的故障率而闻名。我们讨论了绝对外在法布里-珀罗干涉仪(AEFPI)光纤传感系统,用于监测在加载腱索时预张紧的腱中的应变。在弗吉尼亚州麦克莱恩市的特纳费尔班克斯联邦公路管理局进行的实验表明,EFPI传感器在附着在肌腱表面上时在超过12,000μμε的应变下具有生存能力。结果与从并置的箔式应变片获得的结果进行了比较,并获得了很好的相关性。分析了AEFPI系统在高性能智能材料和结构中的应用,并讨论了该领域的未来工作。 !9


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