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World Wide Web is undoubtedly a human creation. It was facilitated by a number of major inventions. Its continuous development results largely from innovative engineering efforts. The Web viewed as essentially a service provided on the Internet offers many different functions. We discuss information providing functionality offered as “Web search”. Recent trends involve devising schemes to make search more personalized. This is just one example of a service provided for the people. In order to devise a web functionality to work better for the user, there are studied specific human characteristics when working on the Web. For example, each human uses a keyboard or a mouse in a slightly different way. Tracing user's gaze can also contribute to adjusting a particular service better to user's need. However, the Web ultimately develops to an infrastructure that is capable to connect people. Social networking sites or services offer connecting capability to existing social networks. Much more, they facilitate forming new social networks or perhaps other kinds of structures to be studied in a interdisciplinary way, including not only engineering, but also disciplines from social sciences. This is true for the whole Web of the people that brings many challenges, e.g. sensitive issues of privacy and security.
机译:万维网无疑是人类的创造。许多主要发明促进了它的发展。它的持续发展很大程度上来自创新工程的努力。实质上被视为Internet上提供的服务的Web提供了许多不同的功能。我们讨论了提供作为“ Web搜索”提供的功能的信息。最近的趋势涉及设计方案以使搜索更加个性化。这只是为人民提供服务的一个例子。为了设计一种更好地为用户使用的Web功能,研究了在Web上工作时的特定人类特征。例如,每个人以略有不同的方式使用键盘或鼠标。跟踪用户的目光还有助于更好地调整特定服务,以满足用户的需求。但是,Web最终发展为能够连接人员​​的基础架构。社交网站或服务提供到现有社交网络的连接功能。更重要的是,它们有助于形成新的社会网络或可能以跨学科方式研究的其他类型的结构,不仅包括工程学,还包括社会科学学科。对于整个网络所带来的挑战很多,例如隐私和安全的敏感问题。



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