Another Thinking on the Current Aesthetic Education in Taiwan




When STEAM education becomes a topic of concern for contemporary education, the combination of science and technology in aesthetics curriculum did not appear in the current aesthetic education program in Taiwan. It is an important issue to find out the contact point between the racks of technology and aesthetics. The paper aims to investigate the state-of-the-art of aesthetics of the curriculum through document analyzed and involved in the program. Among 3 main aesthetics education website documents examined, one-third of them have included the word Digital Age in the vision curriculum design, mainly found in the area of Visual Aesthetic, but more as rhetorical than other aspects (tool use). The findings include: The main reason for not introducing Art and science are better together than apart; science and technology-related courses require a lot of investment in funds and equipment; teachers should empower for STEAM education and interdisciplinary learning. Taiwan government hopes to enhance national competitiveness through aesthetic education. The ability to coordinate and support each sub-project is still to be improved, just as we need children to have the ability to interdisciplinary integrate. Finally, based on the results, the discussion and suggestion are proposed.



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