Adaptive direct feedback linearization control of all-electric tank gun system


Considering the whole impact of mechanical and rnelectrical system nonlinearities, the direct feedback rnlinearization (DFL) rncontrol strategy was used in the AC all-electrical rntank gun control system to achieve a completely rndynamic decoupling model. On the rnbasis of DEF, in order to reduce the effect of rnchanges in the system parameters and load torque, an rnadaptive wavelet neural network rncompensator to compensate for DEF error is proposed, rnwhich can reduce DEF control law reliance on the tank rngun system model,rnand further enhance the speed tracking performance, rnrobustness and adaptive capacity of AC tank gun rncontrol system. Computer rnsimulations show that the tracking accuracy is much rnbetter and the control system has strong adaptability rnand robustness.



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